Dec 14, 2016

we just played all these weird jams that I forgot to include in the internet
brutal mis shape n' reality driven exorcism of fate
are we supposed to work so hard to forget a cleat of dirt, shrugged with shit, painted and chipped away from the purity of birth

remember smhoak talks?
DJ PC at Knockdown Center when Parquet and GToss jammed
also that ramp local show at sunnyvale
silent barn with surfbort and cfm
silent barn time warmer
i dunno what we said yes to anymore
are we active enough humans to warrant a barely checked box

is there art on here?

a catalyst of hope

feels good
check the web, feel like shit
went outside, took a breath, felt good again.
can I use again, again?
said "I need to delete that."

sang "what's up?" at work party karaoke for some reason,
but it turns out that the lyrics are pertinent to the present reality of an apathetic politically conscious stoner without a plan, filled to the cusp with fantasy

keep hope around, in your back pocket
and wait for the future to unfold
daydream that broken reality, that burden of an unconventional, like-less nature
inhabit the place where you can be comfortable and overdriven, like a champion of nothing