Sep 5, 2012

TERMINAL BOREDOM SAYS THIS ABOUT THE "DREAD HEAD EP" (which is unfortunately sold out, but feel free to buy some other PC bullshit from someone else cause it's all relatively similar to this) -

PC Worship “Dread Head” 12” EP
Another winner from the out-out-out there regions. The folks behind that Buck Gooter LP plopped this abnormal baby on its soft spot early last spring and we’re just now giving it a spin. For shame. 'Dread Head' is like backwoods kin to The Hospitals 'Hairdryer Peace' and closely related to the weirder bits of the Sic Alps oeuvre, but instead of being all psychedelic (horseshit), PC Worship rattles its rustic chains in a sinister folk and the occasional skewered Nirvana/Pixies riff. The opener “Tides” is worth the cost of admission, alone. It’s some tense form of flat-out terrifying death jazz. Shit sputters back and forth like a choked carburetor left gurgling in a drunken oil sea. Slide guitar emanates a pretty thick sludge along with a whole lotta horn players and tape manipulation. I imagine some sorta Liars/Druid Perfume team up. This is what I hoped Mess Folk would have done for me. A messy-mess of broken bits improvised and interspersed throughout large chunks of raw grunge chords. I dig it a lot. A keeper. Kreepy. Kreephaus. What’s in a label name? A hell of a lot! 150 pressed. One-sided 12” with screen-printed B-side and a Craphound approved sleeve. (RSF)
(Kreephaus Records //